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Hire Information

The Playhouse Theatre is a popular venue to hire for local and visiting productions and festival performances. Below are a few frequently asked questions about our theatre. Please contact us at to enquire further or make a booking.

What is the theatre capacity?

Our auditorium has 129 available seats (excluding usher's seats and seats with restricted views).

How much does theatre hire cost?

Our standard hire fees are $50 per two hour rehearsal time, plus $250 per performance night. BUT in 2021, we are operating on some limitations with tech - so we are offering half price at $125 per performance night. Please contact us for a confirmed quote.

What are the theatre’s technical specs?

Download LX plot (PDF) »

Do we need our own tech crew?

Our technicians will work with you to get the best possible result from our facilities, and we will coordinate any necessary rigging as per your lighting requirements. We will endeavor to supply a technician to tech your production if requested, however, as we are a community theatre, we cannot guarantee that a technician will always be available to tech an outside production.

What other facilities are available?

The upper level of the theatre has a kitchen and large function space suitable for serving refreshments at intervals and/or before or after performances. The theatre foyer has a box office and unisex toilets. The auditorium has a wheelchair accessible entrance and accommodation for one wheelchair, but unfortunately the foyer/box office and upper level do not. 

Can we apply for a liquor licence?

Yes, we are happy for you to apply to the Dunedin City Council for a licence. Please discuss this with us at the time of booking so we can provide you with the documents you will need for your application. All liquor licences and associated costs are met by the hirer.

Are there any health and safety requirements?

Yes, you need to have a safety warden with a fire warden training certificate present at all performances. We may be able to assist you with this if required.

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