Playhouse Theatre - Home of Dunedin Repertory Society Inc

2021 AGM

The 2021 AGM of the Dunedin Repertory Society Incorporated will be held at 7pm on Monday 17 May 2021 at the Playhouse Theatre, 31 Albany Street. Everyone is welcome, including new members - it's a great opportunity to join us for a cup of tea and here about what the Society / the Playhouse achieved in 2020 and our plans for the future. 


  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of previous meeting (Annual General Meeting, held 21 July 2020)
  3. President’s Report
  4. Financial Report – Annual Accounts for the Year Ending 31 December 2020
  5. Election of Officers (see below)
  6. Election of Committee Members
  7. Membership Fees
  8. Auditors
  9. Proposed New Rules (see below)
  10. Update on Feasibility Study

Committee Nominations

Nominations for Officer and committee roles can be emailed to the Secretary at 

Nominations can be made on the night if insufficient nominations have been received in advance.

Proposed new Rules 

The Repertory Society committee recommends revoking the Society's current Rules and adopting draft new Rules at the 2021 AGM.

The draft new Rules have been based on the sample rules available from the Incorporated Societies Register, and have been reviewed by a lawyer. The draft new Rules are designed to:

While the Purposes of the Society are unchanged in the new proposed Rules, the draft Rules propose significant changes and additions to current Rules in terms of the Society's procedures. Members are therefore encouraged to read the draft Rules as well as existing Rules in order to be informed before voting at the AGM. Two thirds majority support of the meeting is required to pass the new Rules. 

Download existing rules >

Download draft new rules >